Shiloh Computers, established as a specialist IT supplier for over 27 years, has developed a depth and breadth of knowledge that is the envy of some of today’s leading IT Service organisations.

Over the recent years flexibility has become the overriding principle of the Shiloh ethos as the company recognised that the knowledge and skills gained in working with large organisations could be employed successfully with smaller businesses that may not have easy access to such a skill set.

Shiloh Computers now has a diverse client base that includes, charities, church organisations, small owner managed businesses and $100M+ Blue Chip corporate clients.  This diversity enables Shiloh to create, maintain and support solutions that meet everyday IT requirements, while reducing the overall running costs to the customer.

With offices both in the UK and Australia, Shiloh engineers are able to support and maintain infrastructures both remotely and onsite in two continents 24 hours a day.

Shiloh is a technology-led company with over 70% of its workforce employed as Consultants, Project Managers, Technical Architects, Systems Analysts, Developers and Systems Engineers.

We encourage our staff to specialise, so they become expert in a particular discipline. We also encourage collaboration. The result is a group of highly-skilled, highly-motivated individuals, working together to explore new ideas and come up with creative solutions to complex problems.

Shiloh employees are free-thinkers with a common purpose – to achieve the best possible results through innovation and cooperation.